The Rock Band Customs Project is a non-profit organization of software developers, guide authors, and indie music artists who work on older Rock Band editions (Rock Band 3 and earlier) to enhance them and bring back the functions that were crippled by Harmonix's (and console manufacturers') discontinuation of services. Our main goals include:

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To begin your journey towards being able to play whatever songs you want on Rock Band titles, you first have to pick a console. Use the GitLab Repository buttons below to navigate to the appropriate repo or group. Of groups, choose the repo concerning your console or emulator. We recommend a thorough reading of each repo's wiki BEFORE using any of the software below!
Wii/vWii Hacks
Wii - vWii - Dolphin
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Playstation Hacks
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Xbox Hacks
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These are quick links to the wikis of the most commonly hacked platforms and emulators.
Wii/vWii Wiki
Wii - vWii - Dolphin
GitLab Wiki
Playstation Wiki
Playstation 3
GitLab Wiki
Xbox Wiki
Xbox 360
GitLab Wiki


Want to make your own customs? These guides will tell you how to make all the critical files you will need in order to create your own songs for Rock Band titles!
Author MILO
Create the MILO File
Creating the Lipsync Data
Author MIDI
Create the MIDI File
Creating a Properly-formatted MIDI
Author MOGG
Create the Song File (MOGG)
Make a Multi-Track OGG File
Author Bink
Create the Song File (Bink)
Make a Multi-Track Audio Bink File
Author DTA
Create the Database File
Create a DTA File with a Text Editor
Author Album Cover
Create the Album Cover
Create an Album Cover (Wii ONLY)

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