There are plenty of places where you can talk about Rock Band hacking. This is a list of places where the Rock Band Customs Project also resides, and can offer help in specific forum threads or chat groups.


You'll need an account on these sites in order to comment and ask questions. These sites are not governed strictly by our Terms, and have additional rules on what is allowed for each site. Please read their terms before posting questions or uploading content (pictures, videos, software, etc.) on such sites. Our most frequent sites may describe, within specific threads and groups, what isn't allowed for posting or discussion, but if in doubt, read the sites' full terms.


GBAtemp Logo

GBAtemp is an independent game community which started with ROMs for the Game Boy Advance. It's one of the oldest game hacking sites out there, and it has a variety of articles (including my own) on Rock Band.

Rock Band ScoreHero

Rock Band ScoreHero Logo

ScoreHero is actually two sites. The original ScoreHero site is dedicated to Guitar Hero talk and customs, but then they made a separate site dedicated for the Rock Band series. The forums are probably the most useful, as it allows for all kinds of talk about everything Rock Band related. This is also where Harvey found StackO's original guide (he calls himself Koetsu on there).

Rock Band ScoreHero is in bad need of updating. If you have forum-editing skills, consider asking the admins if you can help them fix up their site.

FretsOnFire Fan Forum


Originally, this was for the free Guitar-Hero-like game Frets on Fire, but when the fan forums site was developed, people started talking about customs for it, and now the site has expanded to customs of all kinds. It also mentions Phase Shift, a program which works similar to FoF but also allows for real guitars.

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