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So, you want to be a part of the Rock Band Customs Project? That's great! We're always looking for people who can help with just about anything Rock Band related. Therefore, we have outlined on this web page just what we are looking for in one who can join the Project.


Starting October 19th 2022, private top-tier namespaces of groups will be limited to five members. We ask that all projects submitted to this GitLab Group be made open to the public, for anyone who joins the group to modify, and those who aren't members to be able to make merge requests. Thank you! - Harvey Houston

Why should I join the Project?

By joining our Project, you will be recognized for what you do and will be called upon more by other Project members to perform certain tasks. You may also be granted better access to existing software, and be informed about events and of software before they become public.

How do I join the Project?

You'll need to complete three basic steps in order to be recognized as a member of the Rock Band Customs Project. The first step is to add customs. If you don't have a gaming console to use for customs, we recommend that you get one. Alternatively, you can also use an emulator - we recommend Dolphin Emulator for the Wii version, and RPCS3 for the PS3 version. If you don't have a Rock Band version that uses DLC, buy a legitimate retail disc from a thrift store or online (like from Amazon or Ebay). Use our guides to add customs and old DLC back to an older Rock Band edition of your choice, on any platform, then show us that it works to prove it. If you need help, you're welcome to use Discord or any of our forum threads to do it.

The second is real simple - you should join Discord! Issue tracking helps us to tackle the major problems with our repos and wikis, but we predominantly use the Rock Band Customs Project Discord server for live chat. If you don't use Discord, you may have a hard time keeping in touch with us - we don't use the big social media platforms to spread the word, nor do we use IRC. This may change in the future, but for now, please get a Discord account and invite yourself to our server. It's always FREE to sign up for a Discord account, although there are ways (via Nitro) that you can pay to make your experience more feature-rich; this is not necessary to join our GitLab Project, however..

The last prerequisite is self-explanatory, but we'll say it anyway. Get a GitLab account! We don't use GitHub as a general rule. although if you have projects from GitHub that would help enhance the Rock Band Customs Project's goals, you can pull them from GitHub to GitLab. GitLab registry is also free, but also has paid subscriptions which, fortunately, are not required to join our cause.

This is not a requirement, but also consider joining our newly-created GBAtemp group! You can find a link to that group on the Other Links webpage.

What roles should I try to obtain?

That depends on why you're wanting to join. If you think that you need to join GitLab to find assistance, that's not a good reason to join, as we already have Discord and GBAtemp areas at your disposal. Here are some roles we are looking for:

What if my idea for the project is not covered by these roles?

That's okay! Go ahead and present your idea; we'll determine if it's good enough for the project or not.

Does the GitLab group Guest Role count as being a member?

For anyone who is assigned to a Team group, we assign the Guest GitLab role temporarily to someone who might meet the requirements until we've further reviewed their case, in which we then either assign them a new role, move them to a different group, or remove the Guest role. The Guest role is not intended to be a permanent role.

Where do I make a request?

If you already have a GitLab account, do NOT use the GitLab Issues feature to ask about joining! Reach out to us through Discord or via a personal message on one of the forum sites we frequent (GBAtemp recommended). Do not attempt to contact us on major social media outlets; as we've said before, the Rock Band Customs Project is not registered there, and we may not be able to receive your request.

Do I get paid for this?

We are completely not-for-profit, so no. Others may get paid for their works, but these works are not a part of the Rock Band Customs Project, and those that claim it is may be banned for saying so.

Do I need to obey the Terms if I join the Project?

The terms are for everyone, including HarvHouHacker, so... uh, yeah! Breakin' dem rulz iz bad, yo!

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